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1933 South 27th, Abilene, Texas

Exodus MCC is  a Christ centered church; living out the two great commandments to “Love God and to love others as ourselves.”  We maintain an inreach ministry to strengthen the spiritualality and connection to God for all people who enter our sanctuary; an outreach ministry of justice to all those who are disenfranchised; and we strive to create a fellowship of love- welcoming all people as members of the family of God.

10:45 A.M. Morning Worship

(Live Streamed on Exodus MCC Facebook page beginning about 11:15 AM Central Time)



To be who we are; to be all that God made us to be; to be exactly the person we were born to be, is the ultimate fulfillment of God’s call on our lives.


Exodus has partnered with a ministry in Kenya to educate young women to take a productive, independent place in society. One young lady has complete business college and Maggie has begun the journey. Join with us in the Exodus/Kenya Challenge.

Send donations to Kenya Education Fund, @Exodus MCC, Box 7547, Abilene, TX 79608


1933 S. 27th Abilene, Texas


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  1. Steve Cash says:

    Rev. Margaret, I have no idea when this mini-concert of “Namesake Live” was done there in Abilene was taped, but I just watched it and once again received a blessing that only the music and testimony of Karen, Trish and Cheryl can accomplish through their music. Thank you for posting this and I would never have been blessed if God had not lead me to your website this evening. Thank you and God continue to bless you as you are a blessing to so many others. (Say hello to Monica for me) Love and Prayers Steve

  2. Carol Waters says:

    Excellent and refreshing article in today’s paper.

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