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11 A.M. Worship This Sunday … 1933 S. 27th

The Transformation of Eastertide- Rev. Walker

“Hallelujah”- Adaptation of L. Cohen’s “Hallelujah”
Lyrics by Kelly Mooney

Habitat Outreach: Building Up One Another


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  1. Hello! I am an Austin, Texas based multimedia photographer. I was recently commissioned by the Texas Observer to do a project on LGBT couples in the state of Texas who were married in another state where same-sex marriages are legal, like myself (NYC 2012). We hope to get stories from those couples that demonstrates how this affects them and their families. Stories related to births, deaths, adoptions, visitation rights, various benefits and insurance options, etc. Anything that explains the effects on a personal level. I was hoping you may know some people in your church who would be interested in being a part of the project, sharing their stories? You can view my work on my website Feel free to call or email, looking forward to hearing from you. Warmest Regards, Jo Ann (347)-891-0194

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